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24 October 2007 @ 01:08 pm
Talk about something you lost.  
Tony had a toy. The only thing was this toy was a person. More of a boomerang, but never the less still a toy. He could throw her away and she would always come back. Only one time she didn't. Sexy Michelle Richardson. Tony's 'long term girlfriend' as some would like to put it. Not the insiders though, they knew what went on. There was a small world going on in something like a 9 piece friendship. Unsaid things and exchanged glances could make the whole lot of a difference between them all. In theory they were all small other planets orbiting around Tony Stonem. Michelle put up with his twisted ways for a while, thinking maybe he'd get bored. But she had it all wrong, the only reason he was doing those things was so he didn't get bored. Tony sleeps with Cassie. Michelle forgets. Tony sleeps with Abigail, Michelle quite unwillingly forgets.
Tony sleeps with Jal. Michelle doesn't come back.