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Tony Stonem
13 December 2007 @ 07:33 pm
Christmas time. Oh the joy, my father's side of the family will be round on the 21st. Fucking brilliant.
Tony Stonem
24 October 2007 @ 01:08 pm
Tony had a toy. The only thing was this toy was a person. More of a boomerang, but never the less still a toy. He could throw her away and she would always come back. Only one time she didn't. Sexy Michelle Richardson. Tony's 'long term girlfriend' as some would like to put it. Not the insiders though, they knew what went on. There was a small world going on in something like a 9 piece friendship. Unsaid things and exchanged glances could make the whole lot of a difference between them all. In theory they were all small other planets orbiting around Tony Stonem. Michelle put up with his twisted ways for a while, thinking maybe he'd get bored. But she had it all wrong, the only reason he was doing those things was so he didn't get bored. Tony sleeps with Cassie. Michelle forgets. Tony sleeps with Abigail, Michelle quite unwillingly forgets.
Tony sleeps with Jal. Michelle doesn't come back.
Tony Stonem
I wouldn’t say anyone is exceptionally wise in my life right now. I think I will delve into the past, this person I knew because he was family. My granddad was always extremely wise. Shame my dad never inherited his wisdom really. Yeah, granddad was always quoting philosophers. Not in a stupid wannabe way though, he really meant what he said, like he truly believed. I didn’t really know what he was going on about at the time, but none the less I’d listen to him. He was brilliant. Another thing he would do was give me a tenner every time I'd see him, which was a lot for in the nineties. My other granddad would only give me 20p if I were lucky. I know money doesn't count towards wisdom, but it counted towards my small model car collection. Unfortunately the old man isn’t around anymore. To be honest I wish he was, then maybe he could knock a bit of fucking sense and wisdom into my father.
Tony Stonem
20 August 2007 @ 01:42 pm
A recurring dream? Now we're talking.
Right, picture this. I'm at a party. Chris' as usual, he throws all the good ones. I'm dancing like a lunatic downstairs. Along with everyone else. I can feel the beat tingling in my eardrums. I can taste the beer, trip off the pills. Next thing I know, there’s a girl, grinding with me. Although it isn't Michelle. It's a girl I've never seen before. But I know her, I know her only in the dream. She smells like Michelle, but looks sort of weirdly like Cassie. A girl I rarely talk to in real life situations. And her voice, her voice is the voice of Abigail Stock, another of my achievements. So we grind, and dance close. Then she does this strange, eccentric twirl. Her head sways as my eyes blur. The girl carries on as the music soothes into trance. And I just watch her, starting to feel dizzy, but I still watch her. Then, BANG!

I wake up. I'm in a hospital bed, and the smell of the place is so strong. I can almost taste it. Above me, is a huge disco ball. The biggest disco ball I've seen in my fucking life. There are three girls at the side of my bed. Michelle, Cassie, and Abigail. I shake my head, once, twice and a third time. Look over again and they're all scowling at me. But yet they're all holding hands, you know, like the best of friends. I would say they all had one thing in common. But I'd never had the satisfaction to sleep with Cassie. She was the odd one out. Yet, she still scowls. Scowls like I'd offered her up a big mac and told her to eat it. Then the three of them stand up in unison, they slap a sticker type label on my chest. I can see what they say by looking down, but when I lift them off my skin, they change. They say, "I love you". When previously, they'd said, "Never again, I hate you". Fucking weird, I know. Near the end of the dream I grab my phone out of my pocket, even though I'm in hospital, I'm fully dressed apart from a shirt. I try and dial Sid, but every time a press a zero it's an eight, a seven a four and so on. I'm trapped.

I wake up sweating, with the three unlikely girls on my mind, especially Cassie. Why?
Tony Stonem
16 August 2007 @ 12:29 am
This should be interesting, describe me in 3 words?
Tony Stonem
15 August 2007 @ 11:52 pm
Where do I see myself in 20 years time? I see myself living in a high-rise building with lots of money. No kids, though. I will be taking care of my sisters whilst she goes clubbing and I'd be covering for her just like I do now. I wont be friends with anyone I'm a friend with now, apart from Sid. Because I know that I wont be able to get rid of him no matter what. As annoying, dim-witted and useless he may be, he'd always be there to pick me up a paper or a loaf of bread. I will be going to classy parties and I'll have as many women as I like. I'd tell them of how I was nearly killed when I was 16 and how very lucky they are to be talking to me. My job would be something to do with crime, maybe a lawyer. Would never get boring would it? Murderers, rapists, frauds. All very interesting. Fun to fight for the twisted ones, too. And after all that I'd drive a mini home, not like Sid's dad's old banger though, a black Mini Cooper. I'd have it valated every week, only because I could. Some Sunday's I would go around to my parents for Sunday lunch. Help my dad carve the chicken as he always makes a right old mess of it. I'd wear shirts and cardigans with Armarni jeans, just like now, so that's about the only thing that wouldn't change. Change, it's a wonderful thing.
Tony Stonem
14 August 2007 @ 12:19 am
I will never forget that night.
Tony Stonem
10 August 2007 @ 11:08 pm
I remember when we were out that time, together. Do you Effy? I do. It was the first time I'd got you drunk, thought I'd better do it. Any other might have pushed you over the limit, gone that bit too far. Not your brother, I've always protected you, you know? Sort of owned you as I'd say. Try and make Sid jealous sometimes. Use you against him as you're something he doesn't have. A little baby sister, kind of like a toy.

You've always been something I've stood up for, not fucked around, not manipulated. But in a way I've kind of always controlled you. Lead you down my path like playing with one of my toy cars when I was six and you were three.

Then there was that night at Ston Eaton. I remember it like it was yesterday. You hurt me Effy, you gave in to Josh, Spencer. I thought I'd taught you to be stronger than that, pulled your strings. But then I saw you lying there, like a rag doll. You were lifeless Effy. Then it hit me, you aren't a toy. Not to anybody else but me, your big brother. I keep you alive like new, not on the top shelf or under the bed, Effy. You understand me... don't you? You always do.